Five destination to get away to on a budget friendly Ramadan


Ramadan Kareem to all Muslim brothers and sisters, today we are going to be pointing out five places to get away to. During Ramadan on a budget friendly, please don’t forget to get your phones and cameras ready because is going to be very fun

Ramadan is a holy month and your prayers and fasting should not be disturbed by the regular city noise around your area especially if your living in the major cities like Lagos, Abuja and the rest 

Frankly speaking, those cities has a way of turning noise and distraction into a classic way of life, from blaring horns to frustrating traffic.why not get away from the city a little to someplace you won’t have to break your a account to go to, travelstart Nigeria has curated some amazing destination you can get away to this Ramadan on a budget. So here is a breakdown of the places to visit. Note all this places are located in Nigeria

Remadan destination to travel to on a budget

Yankari Games Reserve and Resort,Bauchi

First place on our list is yankari Game reserve which is located in Bauchi state Nigeria, This place gives a quiet serene environment and in your leisure time can take a drive into the park to feed your eyes with chatty baboons, Dancing hippos, babe elephants and other amazing species of wildlife.

And for sure if your an explorer, you also get a Marshall cave systems and wikki warm springs.yankari also has outdoor and indoor sports facility to get you fit with a spectacular accommodation.

 Obudu Cattle Ranch Calabar

Second place on our list is obudu Cattle Ranch which is located in Calabar, with no doubt this is really a place to visit for Remadan on budget, obudu resort had a water park with slides,cable cars,a golf course,night-time bonfires and of course lots of horseback riding.

Enjoy the thrills of nature,bond with your loved ones as you hike through the ranch. Before I forget obudu is home to tons of bird species making it a great birdwatching spot so don’t let it slip by you. 

Accommodation are ultra mode and affordable as well

Tinapa Business Resort Calabar

Third on our list of places to visit this Remadan is Tinapa Business Resort located in Calabar. If you are looking forward to having fun and sight seeing it’s definitely the destination

There is children’s arcade to keep the kids busy while you attend to other important stuffs. Not to forget an awesome eight-screen cinema and a mini amphitheater. With no doubt this is a nice place too, to spend your holidays on.

Ikogosi Warm spring resort, Ekiti

Fourth on our list is ikogosi warm spring resort located in Ekiti state Nigeria. Nature has blessed us with gifts and serene environments and ikogosi resort is not an exception. You have a chance to take a hike on the idanre hills and discover the mystery behind the cold and warm spring of ikogosi.

And when you are finally done with all the activities they have to offer and retire to your quarters to rest, it has a very comfortable, affordable and luxurious rooms so you can relax after a very long day.

Abraka Turf And country Club

Abraka turf and country club is fifth on our list and it’s located in Delta state coastline still have all the opportunity to get lots of Savannah adventure,spend time at the natural reserves and clear emeraid gree. River.

It’s definitely a great place to spend your Ramadan, away from all the noise and distractions of the city

Here you have the five destination to spend your Ramadan get away on and once more Ramadan Kareem see you in the next one


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