Twitter trimmed down number of follow from 1000 to 400 a day


Twitter in the past few days have now put more effort on curbing of spam rate activities on it’s platform, on achieving this. The company has now come up with a new tactic to achieve this GoalĀ 

The number of new account a user can follow in a day has been furtherly trimmed down to 400,from the former 1000 per day limit.

Here are very few questions we users might likely ask,why 400 per day And not 100? Or 58? Or 17? In short, we found that 400 is a reasonable limit that allows people to follow the accounts they’re interested in each day while stopping the most spam.”

Yoel Roth (Head of site integrity at Twitter) said, explaining the Twitter’s 400 limit choice

He also said, ” improving the health of Twitter is our top priority,and teams across the company are always working to refine these limits based on what we learn about spammer behavior and as malicious tactics evolve”.


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