Reason why Nigeria isn’t ready for 5G Network Pro’s and Con’s


5G connectivity, Evey body is happy with this 5G Technology and the data speed that comes with it, Nigerian communication commission (NCC) approved tests of this spectrum in Nigerian but The big question here is The country ready for this Technology?

Know doubt lots of people have started marketing the platform, of its benefit and how it’s going to make our business grow and change our connectivity that will put us up to the rest of the world at large.

But know body has really have a second thought of how developed we are and the things to put straight before the introduction of such a high range technology, just my simple thought. I strongly advice you observe from a distance why we break it down a little bit to you. Down the reasons 

5G Technology is a Short Range Network Spectrum And Very Limited

If you recall clearly 4G started functioning in Nigeria around 2015-2016 why it was available in other parts of the world for years. It was a dream come true then it dawned on us that we have one of the slowest 4G speeds in the world. Globacom went ahead to put their bandwidth on one that isn’t available to most devices just to make sure that their 4G doesn’t slow down as much as their 2G masked as 3G back then.

 No matter how our network providers hype it, The fact still remain that 5G is going to be extraordinary limited in reall-world application in Nigeria right now in 2019 unless it’s limitations are actually fixed before its launch in Nigeria.

5G is not like 4G that receives signal from over 30 miles, 5G cannot go more then a mile and if you’re inside a building it’s very likely that the speed would drop drastically. For 5G to work here in Nigeria there is need for multiple network towers and the only logical way to have that is to fix them on electricity poles just the way Verizon is doing in the united states but This is Nigeria, we lack maintenance habit.

I really can’t imagine what will possibly go wrong if those towers are mounted on electric poles, you might help out with a list. Your welcome

Secondly The nature of these new 5G towers are raising fresh concerns over cancer risks. We don’t have a functional health care system here. So until there’s assurance from network providers and it is verified that it’s safe for use, Those towers shouldn’t be mounted 3m close to  anybody’s house

5G Network is very Expensive

You know how data finishes extremely quickly on 4G especially on MTN, on 5G you can finish your data bundle within 30 seconds, ignoring all the limitations.

Network providers are willing to do anything to make more money, who wouldn’t anyway… 5G technology just happens to be a perfect way to charge customers more money something I know won’t go down well with many Nigerians.

The phones that support 5G don’t come cheap either. Samsung’s 5G S10 variant costs almost  $1000. Keeping 5G services a premium service that’s not going to be available for everyone unless we end up getting affordable phones from brands like Xiaomi that support 5G.

Possible lack in Cross Carrier Compatibility

I’m talking about this with information based on countries that already have 5G being tested. Now unlike  3G or 4G that have bands supported by a wide range of smartphones. 5G isn’t going to give us that luxury. We know our network providers go mad once in a while and we can easily switch to another SIM easily but 5G might just make us change that. Carriers in the United States are adopting their own personal 5G standards and I believe other networks in the world might do the same.

Unless there’s a certain 5G standard each network provider here would use. You would end up stuck with a device that supports only one network’s 5G band


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