Lasers Are The future of Tesla Screen wipers


Not surprised. After showing Cybertruck, a car that looks more like a sci-fi movie, the new patent promises to get rid of the car windshield wipers.

How interesting, This technology has not evolved over the years. We are almost at 2020 and the cars are already autonomous, but to clean the rain from the windows we still have a plastic to give us visibility.

Lasers are The future of Tesla wipers

Tesla’s new patent promises to clear the glass with lasers. The technology is totally new and honestly we have no complete idea how it works. We just have the notion that the lasers will be on the hood of the car and have the purpose of wiping the rain off the front window.

We can read from the patent description “ A vehicle cleaning system includes an optical assembly that emits a laser to radiate a region on the vehicle’s glass, a debris detection circuit that detects accumulated debris in the region, and a control circuit. A set of laser-associated parameters emitted by the optical array based on detecting accumulated debris in the glass region, (…) removes accumulated debris over the region in the glass article using the laser beam. 

When to expect laser as a windscreen wiper

As with all patents, nothing is guaranteed. We only realize that Tesla is working on technology and believes it is important enough to be patented. That is, so that none of your competitors use the same technology implemented.

Therefore, we will have to wait for the future. For now Elon Musk should be focused on launching Cybertruck and revealing the new Roadster. Who knows if this new laser technology will be implemented in this car. Well for now no date is given, we keep our fingers crossed 


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